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Sleeping After Tummy Tuck Surgery

What is the best way to sleep after having a tummy tuck? Will I need sleeping pills? Can I sleep on my stomach or side or do I have to sleep on my back?

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It is normal to have more discomfort at night after an operation. During the day, your brain is so occupied with the distractions of daily life it ignores minor pain and discomforts. However, at night the distractions are gone and the same discomforts and pain that were present during the day becomes more noticeable making it difficult to sleep.


Sleeping On Your Stomach After A Tummy Tuck?

Is it OK to sleep on your stomach following an abdominoplasty surgery? No. Sleep on your back or on your side, but don't sleep on your stomach for 4 weeks or until your doctor tells you have healed enough.


Sleeping Pills After A Tummy Tuck?

Is it OK to take over the counter sleeping pills (Ambien or Lunesta) after a TT? If you are not taking any medication and are otherwise healthy it is usually not a problem to take a sleeping pill.


What About Taking Prescription Sleeping Medications?

Your doctor is the only one that can answer this question. The majority of patients do not need sleep medications after surgery.  


Will Pain Medication Such As Tylenol Or Ibuprofen Help Me Sleep?

Mild pain medications should ease pain and allow sleep to come easier. 


How Long Will I Have To Sleep On My Back?

About two weeks. This will help lessen the pain, prevent fluid pooling and reduce swelling. As you begin to heal you can start to sleep more on your side. 


Preparing For Sleep After Surgery

Prepare your bedroom before you go for your surgery.

  1. Place disposable absorbent pads with waterproof liners on your bed to absorb wound seepage and to keep your bed clean and undamaged.

  2. Position a sturdy chair or piece of furniture next to your bed. When you get up in the morning you can brace yourself on it to help you get out of bed.

  3. Position everything you will need to get through the night next to your bed including water, medications, cell phone, tissues, snacks, etc.



Tips for Sleeping After A Tummy Tuck

  1. Have pillows alongside you in bed.

  2. Elevate your head and legs.

  3. If you are used to sleeping on your sides, trick you mind by wedging pillows alongside you to position your body at a slight angle (half on your side and half on your back).

  4. If you can't sleep in bed try sleeping in a recliner will pillows under your legs and knees.

  5. A very light massage may help.

  6. Try foam pillows or special contoured pillows and supports.

  7. Distract your mind. Sleep to some type of background noise such as music, TV, soothing sounds or some other type of white noise.


You should ask your surgeon for medical advice, since they know you and your medical history, and can suggest the best medication for you


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Authored by Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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