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 By Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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Tummy Tuck Scared And Confused

Tummy Tuck Scared And Confused  

Tummy Tucks Are Scary

I had one. What's more, is that mine was combined with a thigh lift operation where they cut and removed sagging skin from my front, sides and back (almost a complete body lift). Just thinking about it is kind of scary. Learning and preparing for it was confusing. Thank goodness for the internet.



Fear Of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Thinking about having one? Afraid of the surgery? First of all, don't read all the horror stories that you will find. Just be aware that they exist. Horror stories make news and are often sensationalized. Also, don't listen to the fear of your friends. If you tell your friends that you are thinking about having one, listen to them but try not to be swayed by their fears and lack of knowledge. Being afraid of the pain or afraid of surgery is one thing. Don't let your fears be based on rumor, inaccurate information or lack of knowledge. Also, don't be afraid to ask embarrassing questions. Fear holds us back from doing too many things in life.




When you do an internet search for "Tummy Tuck" over four million search results are appear. Where do you start? Searching for good information can be very confusing and time consuming. When I started my search, like everybody else I typed in the words "Tummy Tuck". But which should I click on?




I started by clicking on the Google Ads for Tummy Tuck that appeared on the search results page. I found that the companies that can afford to pay for advertisements usually have the biggest and the best websites chock full of information and resources. Some are listed here for your convenience (and yes, I do get paid a small commission for every ad that you click on). 


Ask A Question/Tell Your Experience


Authored by Mike Coviello (Tanner)

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